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INTRODUCTION Famous writers like Trollope and Kafka were known to live dual lives: comfortable, dull jobs during the day and writing the rest of the time. Trollope was working at a post office and Kafka was at an insurance company working jobs that require little mental stimulation that allowed them to fully focus on their […]


“If it is not RIGHT do not do it; If it is not TRUE do not say it” – Marcus Aurelius One word we do not hear from the Stoics, is integrity. They saw it as part of being human – part of being virtuous. I am not sure of the social, political or cultural […]


Professor Christopher Gill is one of the most prominent members in the Stoicism community. His most recent books are Marcus Aurelius Meditations Books 1-6, translated with an introduction and commentary as well as Naturalistic Psychology in Galen and Stoicism but this is just a small glimpse into his impressive and prolific work over the years. […]